Eat Local Organic Food!
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Eat Local Organic Food!
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Delivered within 6 hours of harvest

Watteh Greens

We sell Microgreens and salad mixes using a soil less method. No harmful chemicals or fertilizers ar
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We are a technology-enabled farming company, growing nutritious food responsibly, all year round.
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Health & Diet recipes

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Don’t know of any other service which provides fresh sprouts on the day of the harvest. HIGHLY recommended for people/restaurants in need of greens fresh from harvest.

Nakib Ahmed

I really liked your micro greens. It really adds a flavour to my salads. liked it very much. And I am really happy that you exist

Mohammad Khalid Bin Siraj

Tried the mustard and radish sprout. Both had that zingy kick and it was a great addition to my iftar (w/ chola) and with the salads afterward. The mustard sprout took chanchur makha to a different level! Healthy yet tasty, supplements salads really well.
My family loved it. Thanks, Watteh Greens! Can’t wait for the next harvest and to try out the other stuff.

Areef Ahmen

Excellent products and service! Step up your plating game with high quality micro greens and boost up the nutrient count in your soups, salads and sandwiches!
PS. Microgreens are great for weening babies too!

Jannatul Nayem Pinkey

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